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Six requirements for the entrance and exit of the stand membrane structure during construction


The stand membrane structure is mainly a shielding structure made by adding a layer of membrane structure above the stand, which can play the role of shading and rain protection. Membrane stands are often found in school gymnasiums. When building a stand membrane structure, there are usually many requirements for entrances and exits, so what are these requirements? Next, SIGMA GROUP will explain the six requirements for the construction of the entrance and exit of the stand membrane structure, hoping to be helpful to everyone.                                                                 

1. When installing and connecting rigid structures or anchoring foundations on the membrane surface, avoid large concentrated stress and wrinkles on the membrane surface during design, and pay attention to the tension of the membrane surface.

2. The structure of the entrance and exit of the membrane structure must ensure that the internal pressure of the structure does not change much, so that people and vehicles can enter and exit without causing hidden dangers.

3. In the connection design of the membrane body and the membrane body, it is necessary to ensure the complete transmission of the membrane stress and a small local stress.

4. The entrances and exits and emergency exits, except in special circumstances, are independent structures. In the envisaged situation, they can be used normally during use.

5. Under the condition that the structure can be used effectively and safely, plan or design each part of the structure and its devices.

6. The structure of the emergency exit must ensure that personnel can evacuate safely and quickly in an emergency.

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