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Can the ETFE air cushion membrane structure be used as a curtain wall?


Can ETFE air cushion membrane structure be used as a curtain wall? It is definitely possible.                                              

The ETFE air cushion membrane structure curtain wall uses the cable structure or the steel structure as the supporting frame, and the air cushion membrane as the "panel", which is a new trend in the development of the curtain wall.

ETFE air cushions are very light, weighing about 1 kg per square, and have very low requirements on the supporting frame and main structure.

Since ETFE is a pure flexible building material, it is continuously connected with the supporting frame, and the safety factor is extremely high. The ETFE air cushion unit can reach tens of square meters or even larger, and the shape is simple. The architectural effect is rich in form, and the visual effect gets rid of the stereotype left by the traditional curtain wall. The service life of the ETFE material from the space family is beyond doubt, and its material properties will not be significantly attenuated after decades.

In addition, in terms of water proofness and construction efficiency, it is not inferior. He is the potential stock in the high-end field of the curtain wall family. In European and American countries, ETFE air pillow membrane structure curtain wall has been applied to different degrees in different types of buildings such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, greenhouses, exhibition halls, and transportation hubs.

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