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ETFE air cushion of South Korea Inchon Culture Square



Name : ETFE air cushion of South Korea Inchon Culture Square

Material Spec : 250um Transparent color

Dimension : Membrane material size: 660.

Duration : 18 Days 

ETFE air cushion of South Korea Inchon Culture Square was independently designed and installed by SIGMA GROUP. The project is located in Incheon, South Korea. The area of this project is 660 square meters. We used 250um Transparent color ETFE membrane material. It took only 18 days to complete the project. Completed.                                         

First, the membrane material is cut according to the drawing, and then the cut pieces are heat-sealed and welded to form a single membrane with a curved surface. When welding, it is necessary to determine the welding temperature and welding speed of the processed membrane material based on experience. Trial welding can be carried out by cutting off the leftover material.

After the welding is completed, the tensile and peeling test of the heat seam is carried out. Then enter the formal welding stage, confirm, check, and number the cut pieces, and weld the hot seam one by one according to the pre-programmed processing sequence. The welding temperature and welding speed are adjusted according to the test welding results. Test to ensure that the formal welding meets the processing strength requirements.

After forming the membrane with a curved surface, the membrane is heat-sealed into a whole according to the design requirements of the air cushion, and the edges are closed. After lifting the processed air cushion to the installation position, unfold the uninflated air cushion and slightly stretch it to fix the air cushion on the boundary of the fixture.

After each piece of ETFE air cushion is installed, the inflation hose must be installed for air supply. At the same time, the installation and testing of the air supply mechanical system, monitoring and control system, etc. are completed to ensure that the entire system can operate effectively before inflating work. Monitor the state of the structure at any time and make adjustments according to the specific situation. The internal pressure of the air cushion after inflation should meet the design requirements.

The air cushion type membrane structure is more sensitive to the installation accuracy and positioning. When the actual installation is deviated from the design, the air cushion may be unevenly stressed or even unable to be installed. Therefore, the main structure is usually measured and positioned before the membrane structure is processed, and the construction accuracy is ensured during the processing and installation of the membrane structure.                                                      

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