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Application of Air Dome in Earthquake


Since 2020, the frequency of various natural disasters has increased, and human beings clearly feel the lack of technical means when faced with major disasters. One of the biggest problems is the resettlement of refugees and the storage of disaster relief materials. This problem is in the earthquake disaster. The same appears repeatedly.                              

The earthquake disaster occurred suddenly, a large number of people were suddenly affected, and the problem of resettlement of the victims became very prominent. However, our traditional tents have a limited capacity, slow construction speed, concentrated, and long transportation cycle. Air Dome has overcome it very well. these shortcomings. It is a new type of building form that can be quickly built, easy to relocate, and has a huge space, providing the possibility for a large number of disaster relief and resettlement solutions in a short period of time.

The storage and distribution of disaster relief materials is also another problem in the disaster area. After the disaster, a large number of disaster relief materials flooded into the disaster area. The storage and distribution of these materials requires sufficient storage facilities, while traditional storage facilities are easily changed during the earthquake. Dangerous buildings and frequent aftershocks make a new type of building with good seismic performance and strong storage capacity extremely urgent. The Air Dome also fulfills this requirement nicely.

Moreover, there will be no construction waste in the relocation process of Air Dome. The air membrane building is composed of membrane materials, cable systems, and electro mechanical equipment, which are fully recyclable and can be reused. Air Dome can reduce energy waste and environmental pollution caused by disaster relief. In terms of sustainable development, Air Dome is more suitable for disaster relief than traditional buildings.

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