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How does the tensile membrane structure stand out in the environmental landscape


In life, we can see tensioned membrane structures almost everywhere. For example, the use of tensioned membrane structure station waiting sheds, tensioned membrane structure toll stations, tensioned membrane structure bus stops and other garden landscape buildings, transportation buildings, sports facilities, etc. are more common.                       

The tensioned membrane structure is gradually popularized and used on a large scale, not only because it is a landscape membrane structure building, but also because of its very strong practicability. The tensile membrane structure building can stand out in the environmental landscape, more because it plays a different role in coping with various environmental changes.

For example, the urban design styles that appear in some typhoons are also different, with different targeting properties, and it can also demonstrate its advantages in urban compressive strength in rainy and snowy weather. Can produce different values in different situations.                                                                                                                  

The tensile membrane is made of a soft fabric with excellent performance. The membrane surface is supported by the air pressure in the membrane, or a flexible steel cable or a rigid support structure is used to generate a certain pre-tension on the membrane surface, so as to form a structure with a certain rigidity that can cover a large space system. The tensioned membrane structure is free, light, and soft in shape, full of strength, and because of the strong moldability of its material, so architects combine this characteristic of tensioned membrane, give full play to the architect's imagination, and use different cutting and Different artistic expressions produced by different node positions and shapes can be described as a new type of artistic expression.                                                                                         

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