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Introduction of light transmittance of ETFE Membrane


We all know that the ETFE film itself is due to direct thermoplastic forming, and the thickness is very thin, and it has a high light transmittance.

The light transmittance of the film can be adjusted by plating silver dots on the surface of the film to meet different indoor lighting needs. However, in practical engineering, it is often necessary to change the amount of solar radiation entering the room at different times.

The single-layer ETFE membrane is difficult to controllably adjust after the dot rate is determined, and the ETFE air-pillow membrane structure solves this difficulty well. At this time, the air pillow can use 3 layers of ETFE film material, the film material has a certain printing dot rate, and the air pillow has two independent air chambers, upper and lower, by controlling the different internal pressures of the upper and lower air chambers, so as to change the middle The position of the film material directly affects the amount of solar radiation passing through.

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