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ChengDu Music Square Membrane Structure



Project Name: Cheng Du Music Square Membrane Structure

Project Size:  22000 m2

Duration: 120days 

ChengDu Music Square Membrane Structure has an area of 22,000 m2, and it took 120 days to complete the project. It is an emerging performing arts carrier built by Chengdu to build a world-famous cultural city and China's music capital. The project combines the city's iconic and urban park functions. It is currently the only urban park in China with an open-air music square as the theme.                                                                                                                        

Due to the unique shape of the building, the structural system of the main stage is divided into two independent structural units:

The grandstand cover is a complex space tube truss structure supported on the concrete grandstand and the ground, and is a complex space steel truss system. The side elevation of the stand canopy is combined with the design of the building curtain wall, and a single-layer diagonal cross diamond grid is set, which is integrated with the curtain wall keel, which not only improves the lateral resistance of the overall structure, but also satisfies the need for a large number of tetrahedral light boxes on the building facade. According to the requirements, the architectural effect is well realized, so that the decoration and the force are harmoniously unified.

The independent canopy adopts the combined structure system of spatial solid abdominal oblique arch and hyperbolic parabolic cable net. The main arch is a solid abdominal arch with a pentagonal gem-shaped cross-section, and the double arches are reasonably connected by a hyperbolic parabolic cable net to form a stable force-bearing system.

The independent canopy cable net gives full play to the high-strength material characteristics of the cable, which can cost-effectively span a large span, and is connected with a pentagonal box-shaped solid web arch to obtain a concise and light architectural effect, making the structure selection and construction The body is harmonious and unified.

The independent canopy roof adopts cable net and membrane structure, which has light weight and greatly reduces the load burden of the main arch. The membrane structure is divided into inner and outer layers. The outer layer that plays a role of shielding is a bidirectional prestressed PVDF membrane, and the inner membrane is a grid membrane material. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the structural system, the design also carried out wind tunnel tests to collect data to provide a basis for structural calculations.

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